Bollywood Music Notations

Hi Guys

This S Raj Balan a crazy music lover of all musics in the world. I look very deep into the music I hear and pull out the essence of them through my experience.

Its a sudden deviation from the regular routines of life. There was some sort of passion developed in me to learn the music through Guitar to Piano Accordion and finally ended with the PIANO the king of all instruments. I was compelled through my forces to learn the music in a systematic and authentic way – the universal language of music. Since the sheet music were not popular in those days, when books were preferred by many, they were not available to the reach of music students in India. The idea of producing sheet music for Indian music came to me and I started from the year 1999 and have written sheet music for nearly 60 Bollywood songs and 30 Tamil songs in 3 formats -ABCD/Sa Re Ga Ma and Western staff with lyrics and chords.

I will be delighted to share the sheet music, written by me, of the immortal songs of India from 1960 so that they remain in the mind and heart of every music lovers of Indian music. To play we need to hear and cycle of repetition continues and music lives on and on.

Its always my ambition to do some thing creative and I have put in my best efforts to bring this website for the benefit of one and all. Only a maintenance fee is charged.

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sincerely yours