“DO RE MI” school of Music and Studio
We are providing Audio Recording and Video editing services at the lowest prices available in the City with flexible terms. Each project will be tailored to suite your different budgets.
We are associated with children musical education activities in our School and Studio to give the children a platform to nurture their talents to meet international standards. I have no doubt that you will be impressed with our enthusiasm and attention in detail. The following are few of our services
1              Voice over recording for various projects
2              Video editing
3              Providing music to your videos
4              Editing video music
5              Text imaging to Videos
6              Backing Tracks for children to perform in Children Theatre (Fairy Tales)
7              Training School children in music production and creation of Bands
8              Training to Preschool children n music activities- learning to singing and acting in fairy tales music Plays
9              Training in musical instruments to play solo, duets, ensembles, symphonies of world music
10            Live musical plays.
Visit our Studio at
“DO RE MI” studio
1st, floor, 7 Arakere Main Road
Near Reliance mart Signal
Bannergatta road
Bangalore 560076

Tele 26480857

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